To begin your journey, this all starts very simply . . .

1.  A Hollow Body is for two people. You will need someone to pair up with you before you start. The starting location is the edge of Paternoster Square, under the arch that leads to St. Paul’s cathedral (the arch is called Temple Bar, see it on Google Maps). We can’t reveal the whole journey but advise you to start it between 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to be able to complete it. Now updated so you can start at any time of day – (reinstall on android to get new files)

2. You will both need your own set of headphones and mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod running iOS6 or greater or Android running 3.0 or greater)

3. Each of you will need to download the app, using one of the links below. Due to the high quality of the audio files you will need to connect your device to a WiFi network to download. We recommend downloading the app before you travel to the starting location. You will not need a data connection during the experience.

( On the version for Android you should also open the application before you travel to the location as it will download some additional audio content the first time you run it )

4. The entire experience lasts approximately 45 minutes. You’ll both start in the same location and open your app together. Put your headphones on and let yourself be guided by the music score and narration.
At some moments, you and your partner will take separate routes, but you will always be brought back together. Before you begin, please switch your device to airplane mode. If you receive a call during the experience, it will disrupt the synchronisation between you and your partner.