If you use a wheelchair or other mobility aid which may prevent you accessing narrow passages and/or steps we provide here alternate route suggestions which will not have any major impact on your experience of the work.

Choosing your route
At the beginning of the experience each person is asked to choose their route by selecting one half of an image. If you select the image on the LEFT side of the screen you will not encounter any steps during Chapter One.

Chapter One
In Chapter One you will travel along Foster Lane and be asked to enter an alley called Priests Court. If this alley is too narrow for you to access you can continue along Foster Lane and take the next left which will rejoin the route on Gutter Lane.


Chapter Three
At the end of each chapter you are provided with a map and told to find the beginning of the next chapter at your own pace. Chapter Three starts on the footbridge above Barbican underground station. To reach this footbridge without steps you can cross over Aldersgate St. and use the public lift up to the Barbican Highwalk. Signposts in the highwalk will guide you to Barbican Station.